Partnering with Green Hedge allows a wide range of large power users to harness energy storage with no upfront investment or risk.


"Savings in a Box" is a small but powerful energy storage system that connects to the switch panel of a commercial or industrial energy user. By shifting the import of electricity from the grid away from periods of high energy and network costs, this creates substantial savings for the energy network and the customer. Designing, installing, financing, and operating the system Green Hedge can help customers reduce their energy bill and carbon footprint.

We are still looking for customers - download the user guide and contact us today: Savings in a box overview. We are looking for Commercial and Industrial customers with half-hourly metered sites across Britain. The ideal sites have a minimum load of at least 1 MW.

Energy cost savings

Energy cost savings

Tailor-made and green no longer means expensive. Low carbon behind-the-meter power can deliver significant cost savings for large energy users.

Reduced volatility

Reduced volatility

Locking in a long-term dedicated power supply helps businesses decouple from fuel and electricity wholesale price volatility.

Energy security

Energy security

Behind-the-meter power secures an independent and reliable energy supply, ensuring uninterrupted operations and enabling future growth.

Carbon savings

Carbon savings

Through a single action, switching to clean energy delivers a considerable reduction in the carbon footprint of energy intensive businesses.

Future proofing

Future proofing

Proactively reducing carbon intensity is key to strengthening competitiveness in anticipation of climate driven regulatory and economic change.

Corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship

Customers and stakeholders look to successful businesses to show forward-thinking leadership in the move to a low carbon circular economy.

How it works

1. The conventional energy starting point

Many businesses are still exclusively powered by electricity from the grid, and/or with diesel generation where there is a need for back-up or off-grid solutions. The near-term cost of power is driven by power purchase arrangements with large electricity suppliers, and in the long term shaped by the cost of the grid’s sources of generation and the cost of transmitting power through the national and local grid. Powered this way, a business is tied to the lowest common denominator energy outcome. Level and predictability of energy prices, stability of supply, and carbon intensity are only ever as good as the complex, slow moving arrangements underpinning the electrical grid – and/or the reliance on diesel – can allow. And for ambitious businesses, that may simply not be good enough.

The conventional energy starting point

2. Integrating behind-the-meter power

At Green Hedge we partner with large energy users to design, develop and deliver tailored behind-the-meter electricity generation and/or storage projects that complement or replace our clients’ conventional power supply. For partners who prefer to meet their energy needs without CAPEX expenditure, we offer fully financed solutions where power is delivered via a long-term PPA (power purchase agreement) and the financial benefits of energy cost savings begin feeding through immediately. For those who wish to own their generation assets on balance sheet we can deliver a turn-key project, including operation and maintenance assistance once the installation is commissioned. If there is land available on our partners‘ premises that is typically the ideal solution, but if not we can often reach an agreement with a landowner nearby. And some technologies, like electricity storage, have a very compact footprint to start with.

  1. Consultation to asses full range of operational, financial, and other priorities. Presentation of shortlist of best-fit technology combinations and project sizes ranked by how well they deliver across the identified objectives.
  2. Construction of the selected low carbon generation and/or storage plant on site or nearby.
  3. Connection of new low carbon generation and/or storage plant to partner‘s existing customer-side substation.
  4. Partner’s facility now powered by customised low carbon generation, with electricity from the grid only used for top-up or back-up if required.
Integrating behind-the-meter power

7. Result – a future proofed energy solution

Through a single project delivered from start to finish in less than a year*, our clients can take the step from conventional energy usage to fully or significantly powering their operations with clean energy.

  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Secure and reliable power supply
  • Electricity price stability
  • Strengthened competitiveness
* As an indication, a large scale solar farm (10 MW) alone can be built in less than two months from mobilisation to commissioning. The indicative one-year project timeline also allows for a consultation phase, design phase, decision-making processes and

Case study: The sun is powering Honda’s largest factory in Europe

Case study: The sun is powering Honda’s largest factory in Europe

Location: Swindon, UK
Technology: Solar PV
Installed capacity: 15.3 MW

  Reducing Honda’s reliance on fossil fuel is a serious commitment for us. Our ambition is to get 100% of our energy from renewable sources  

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd

Case study: The sun is powering Honda’s largest factory in Europe

Green Hedge developed both solar farms and created the commercial and legal structure for these multi-party projects.

Working as partners

Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) is a fully integrated car manufacturing facility currently producing the CR-V, Civic 5 Door, Civic Tourer and the all new Civic Type R for the European market. It is a major employer in the local Wiltshire area, and among the largest single-site electricity users in the UK. Since 2011, Green Hedge has worked with HUM to develop first a 5 megawatts solar farm (2011) and then a larger 10.3 megawatts installation (2014), that now help power its main European factory.

Green Hedge worked with neighbouring landowners to secure the land, obtained all permissions, and structured the arrangements that also brought on board the long term investors that own the solar farms today. 

Delivering power and 7,000 tonnes of annual CO2 savings

Together, the two solar farms generate c. 14,500 megawatt hours, saving Honda over 7,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. The electricity is purchased by HUM under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA). While the bulk of the electricity generated is consumed by Honda, any excess (at weekends or during HUM’s annual shutdowns) is fed into the electricity grid and purchased by UK green electricity supplier Good Energy. In addition to the two large solar farms, HUM and Green Hedge installed 5 kilowatts of Honda-manufactured solar panels near the revolutionary hydrogen refuelling station at HUM. The electricity generated by the solar panels is used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen, which is then compressed and used to fuel hydrogen vehicles.

The Green Factory

HUM’s Andy Milkins describes the private wire solar farms as a win-win solution for Honda and the environment: “Reducing Honda’s reliance on fossil fuel is a serious commitment for us. Our ambition is to get 100% of our energy from renewable sources – the “green factory” is a frequent topic for board level discussions. In Swindon, the two solar farms already provide 15% of our total electricity demand, equivalent to 100% green electricity for our engine plant.”

About Green Hedge

Green Hedge is a leading developer and operator of energy storage projects. Our Behind-the-Meter division works with Commercial and Industrial clients across Britain on half-hourly metered sites with a minimum load of 1 MW. Green Hedge offer to design, fund, install and operate innovative energy storage systems with no investment requirements for the customer. Large electricity users can thus benefit from energy storage financially (share of cost savings and additional revenues) and qualitatively (improved power quality) with no upfront investment and no risk.

With a track record of developing over 200 megawatts of large-scale grid connected and behind-the-meter generation solar PV to date, and an expanding sister division focused on grid-connected electricity storage, Green Hedge has the in-house expertise, supplier base and commercial and technical know-how to deliver complex infrastructure projects.

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