What is an Energy Barn™?

What is an Energy Barn™?

An Energy Barn™ is a newly built steel-framed building of approximately 150x65 ft., with a concrete foundation. The electricity storage system housed inside the building consists of racks of lithium-ion batteries, inverters and transformers. The Energy Bar™ is connected to the electricity distribution system of UK Power Network (UKPN), Southern and Scottish Southern Power Distribution (SSE), Electricity North West (ENW), Northern Powergrid (NPG), SP Manweb or Western Power Distribution (WPD) at 11, 33, 66 or 132kV with switchgear in a small substation.

The batteries store electricity, charging from the grid and then feeding electricity back again when it is needed in the area. In so doing the Energy Barn™ provides an important balancing service to the grid, which helps keep the lights on in the UK.

Why host an Energy Barn™ on your land?

The process to get an Energy Barn™ on your land is straightforward. Green Hedge funds all applications at no cost to you, and manages the whole process from start to finish. As a landowner, you receive multiple benefits:

Income diversification

Income diversification

Once the battery storage is installed, we will pay you an attractive annual rental fee of £20,000, inflation-linked. During the pause in new solar and wind farm development, the Energy Barn is a way for landowners to create new long-term income to secure the viability of farming operations.

Building ownership

Building ownership

Landowners receive free ownership of the barn after 25 years. The Energy Barn™ is a high quality building with a long lifespan. Depending on available grid capacity, several energy barns could potentially be installed on one site.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

The Energy Barn is a social good, as battery storage helps keep the lights on and allows the grid to accommodate more renewable energy generation in the UK.

Rural character

Rural character

The Energy Barn building has a rural appearance and does not contribute to the industrialisation of the countryside. It just looks like you got a newly built barn (and you did!).

Clean & calm

Clean & calm

Currently some other developers in the market are pushing distributed diesel generation on  greenfield land. Unlike diesel generators, battery storage emits no pollution  and does not require constant traffic to deliver fuel. It also has a much longer lifetime.

Future optionality

Future optionality

Hosting an Energy Barn entails insignificant loss of acreage given its small footprint (less than half an acre). It’s also compatible with future renewables projects as it may be possible to share the same substation. The Energy Barn lets you keep all doors open.

What sites are suitable?

If all this sounds too good to be true: many otherwise good sites will not have a viable grid connection. To find out if yours does, contact us and authorise us to make an application now – at no cost or obligation to you. Don’t lose out by waiting too long - as for wind or solar projects, the opportunity may disappear as the grid fills up in your area.

Sites should be…

  • Near one of the substations we have identified as having spare capacity - use the form below to tell us about your site and find out at no cost and no commitment what Energy Barn would work on your land
  • Either previously developed land or greenfield adjacent to an existing complex of buildings
  • Connection offer by the DNO must be technically and commercially viable (though delays of 2-3 years are acceptable)

We are looking in most areas of England which still have spare capacity to connect to the grid. Due to grid constraints, there is currently limited potential in East Anglia and South Wales. 

Sites cannot be…

  • Located in Green Belt, National Park, or AONB (unless the site is previously developed land such as a business park)
  • Located in a flood zone 2 or 3 (flood zone 1 is acceptable)
  • Located near a listed building
  • Subject to long term tenancy agreements

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About Green Hedge

Green Hedge is a leading developer and operator of low carbon electricity generation and storage projects. Our Energy Storage division has created the pioneering Energy Barn™. and works closely with the wider Green Hedge group, distribution partners and with world-leading technology providers to develop and deliver best-in-class energy storage projects that benefit both landowners and the UK energy system at large. Located in a flood zone 2 or 3 (flood zone 1 is acceptable)

With a track record of developing over 200 megawatts of large-scale solar PV systems to date, and a leading position in the emerging UK energy storage industry , Green Hedge has the in-house expertise , supplier base and commercial and technical know-how required to deliver professionally developed energy storage projects.

Meet the team

The Green Hedge Management Team (executive directors)  are supported by our in-house team of engineers, commercial, legal and planning professionals who find sites, liaise with landowners, and design and seek all applicable permissions and consents required to build and operate energy storage projects.

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